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Front House Manager

Aiping Nan

Potat Wu


Head Chef

Potat is our Head Chef and Kitchen Manager. He supervises many aspects of our restaurant, assuring sanitation and safety. He is responsible for maintaining food inventory needs and preparation. Potat works closely with his talented chefs to ensure execution and production of consistent, quality food. Potat has proven to be a Chinese food genius bringing over 20 years of culinary experience. That extensive background sparked his creative ability to develop our food choices and buffet style. His kitchen management and commitment has undoubtedly contributed to Maison de Xin's success and your experience. As a passionate head chef, he has shared his culinary wisdom to fellow colleagues and is dedicated to your satisfaction by serving you up-to-par Chinese food dishes. 

Aiping (we like to call her Ping) our Front House Manager is committed to ensure you have a worthwhile dining experience. With over 15 years of training, Ping is a customer service guru. Her dedication to her clients confirms her ability to delegate and oversee business operations. Her knack for leadership inspires a positive, productive and efficient workplace. That passion to build a reputation has drove her to venture prosperity. Ping handles the administrative and managerial tasks to maintain Maison de Xin's performance. Not only is she an exceptionally hardworking mom, she is also kind-hearted and generous to her staff and clientele. To express her gratitude to her amazing customers, she gives away special Chinese gifts that represent luck and fortune, as well as yearly Maison de Xin themed New Year calendars.  

Potat and Aiping make one dynamic duo that work best together. Just another one of the many reasons for the successful marriage of 30 years!

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